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The Barbentane house
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Bamboos in Provence

A noteworthy gardena true example of sustainable development where more than 300 varieties of bamboo are in the spotlight just 10 km fromAvignonand Saint-Rémy de Provence.

This garden has been built from old bamboo plants taken from a former plot that was too small and completed with many other species. This plantation is still young but it is a very promising space, thanks to the remarkable growth of the plants on a quality plot, naturally irrigated and under an exceptionally favourable climate, thus allowing the experimentation of new subtropical species. Bird nests and hedgehog nests have been installed to make the area as natural as possible.
This garden has been designed to be a living illustration of the essential options of sustainable development, i.e. taking into account the earth (protection against chemical aggression, regeneration of impoverished or degraded land, reconstitution of humus, etc.), air (reduction of pollution, regeneration of polluted air, etc.), solar energy (preparing for the increasing scarcity of energy sources) and water (avoiding waste, excessive consumption and pollution).
One of the objectives concerning water, for example, is that between 4 and 10 years, the plants become autonomous by fetching water from a depth of 2 m and are therefore no longer irrigated, or very little, during the summer.


Open only on weekends from 2pm to 8pm


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